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SUPERWATER Antioxidant Toner for Hair and Skin

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CULT+KING® SUPERWATER | Antioxidant Toner for Hair and Skin |  Moisturize, Balance, Protect, Prep, Refresh. Deceptively simple. It’s just amazing-smelling water, right? After SUPERWATER soaks into hair and skin, making it feel so wonderfully soft and moisturized — that’s when you know it’s SUPER. SUPERWATER packs an impressive oomph, beginning with an abundance of floral waters of rose, chamomile, and sandalwood. Floral waters are distillates or hydrosols of essential oils, beneficially powerful yet gentle enough for fine hair and the most sensitive skins. Add to that, an extensive list of powerful antioxidants; the “queen of herbs” Holy Basil; anti-aging Vitamin C; even Lactobacillus Ferment with both natural microbial properties and potent moisturizing.